Tackling a Classic Fiat Spider Transmission

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Classic Fiat Spider 124 transmission

When a classic Fiat Spider 124 has transmission trouble, the solution is typically not as expensive or worrisome as you’d think. In fact, tackling a restoration project with either a manual or automatic setup in one of these beauties is often worth the effort and cost. You simply need the right approach and an experienced and trusted supplier to give a helping hand.

Common Transmission Issues

The five-speed 124 models are known to pop out of gear and even lose fourth gear completely. Other issues are the grinding when going into gear caused by worn synchro rings. If you notice these signs in your car or one you are considering buying, factor in the expense of a rebuild or new transmission altogether. A rebuilt transmission costs $1290 while a new original Fiat licensed version is only $1590. The significant advantage of the latter is that it has a taller 5th gear ratio, so the engine will run at a lower rpm on the highway, reducing noise and increasing economy. Another option for a transmission that has only one major problem is a partial rebuild, with can cost as little as $500. Please contact us for details.

If you are on the market for a project car, one simple question to ask is whether the owner used EP gear oil in the transmission. You are bound to get the grinding and shifting problems when EP oil was used in the standard transmission. Once you diagnose the problems it’s only a matter of finding the Fiat Spider parts to fix them.

Minor Transmission Problems

Outside of total rebuilds and replacement transmissions, you should be able to put your hands on smaller parts to get your 124 shifting smoothly. OEM original and aftermarket individual gears are available ranging from $50 to $160. Likewise, the input shaft, lower shifter socket and reverse idler gears can be had at reasonable prices, depending on your preference for materials.

The choice between aftermarket and OEM parts is not always as simple as it seems. If you are leaning toward a certain part because of its brand name or cost, ask other Spider enthusiasts if they have experience with cars running well on the part you plan to buy. When ordering Fiat Spider parts online, make sure your supplier has the reputation and return policy on defective parts to make it worth buying from them.

At Auto Ricambi, our only focus is the Fiat 124 – therefore we maintain the best selection of quality parts for your repair or restoration. We not only sell parts for your car, we own them, we drive and work on them. www.AutoRicambi.us