Exterior Parts: The Final Phase of a Fiat Spider Restoration

Fiat Spider Restoration

When a classic car catches your eye, it’s easy to overlook some of the minor mechanical problems and focus on the beauty of the car. That is common for anyone considering a Fiat 124 Spider restoration. However, before you commit to a project car of any level, you are wise to check on the available […]

Tackling a Classic Fiat Spider Transmission

Classic Fiat Spider 124 transmission

When a classic Fiat Spider 124 has transmission trouble, the solution is typically not as expensive or worrisome as you’d think. In fact, tackling a restoration project with either a manual or automatic setup in one of these beauties is often worth the effort and cost. You simply need the right approach and an experienced […]

What to Remember When Restoring a Fiat 124

Fiat 124 spider parts restoration

Fiat Spiders are great cars to restore because anyone with some mechanical aptitude can handle most repairs. Only the most deteriorated vintage Spiders will require the help of a professional mechanic. In fact, since Fiat 124 parts are so easily available, it’s a great time to shop for a Spider. Here are a few things […]

Fixing Fiat Spider Electrical Systems on a Budget

Electrical System Fiat 124

The great thing about a classic Fiat 124 Spider is obvious at first glance – it’s a gorgeous Italian car built with timeless style. However, complaints about electrical components are common among owners of these cars. Like many Italian automobiles of the era, the Spider typically has electrical issues. The good news is affordable Fiat […]